TImeLapse - Barta Photography

Yosemite Valley Day to Night (4k)

Yosemite Valley (4k)

El Capitan, Yosemite (4k)

Memphis Cityscape Sunrise

Eclipse 2017 TL (4k) video

Eclipse 2017 TL (4k)

Clingmans Dome, Smoky Mts TL (HD)

Ice Flake Melting (HD)

Clingmans Dome TL (4k)

Bass Pro Pyramid, Memphis TN 2017 (4k)

Mississippi River (4k)

Eclipse 2017, Memphis TN (4k)

Beautiful Sunset - Mississippi River (4k)

Mississippi River Sunset TL (4k)

LC Trees Home Stars (HD)


4th of July Storm 2017 (4k)

Rainshowers, Memphis Bridge (4k)

Memphis Bridge Lightning Storm

Lake Crystal TL (4k)

LA Sunrise (HD)

Sun dripping

Crescent Moon Setting


Smoky Mts TL - Self Portrait (HD)

Spider's Catch

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